As with all towns some of its road names were derived from the names of people from the locality or in the public limelight and Biggleswade is no exception.

Why not explore the streets of old Biggleswade with Ken Page as your guide. Select a street or road from the list below and you will find Ken’s guide in words and pictures to the history of its buildings, its inhabitants, its businesses and much more. You will see how the street has changed over the years. You will see buildings that are no longer there. In short, you will learn a great deal.

Market Square and High Street – see our book “Heritage Trail” on the Publications page.

Roads in 1910

If you take a look at a map of Biggleswade today it is evident just how much it has grown; here are all the road names of the town in 1910:

Back Street
Bank’s Road
Cemetery Street (now Lawrence Road)
Chapel Fields
Church Street
Claremont Terrace
Cowfair Lands
Drove Road
Havelock Road
High Street
Hitchin Street
London Road
Market Square
Mill Lane
Palace Street
Potton Road
Railway Bank
Rose Lane
Saffron Road
Shortmead Street
St Andrew’s Place
St Andrew’s Street
St John’s Street
Station Road
Stratton Street
Sun Street
Windsor Terrace