Chapel Fields Buildings

Building Plaques and Architecture





Chapel Fields 2002

        “ Wesleyan Sunday School 1905

Wesleyan Sunday School
        “ Name Marks 1
A B; RT S; CT F; AE K; J H; A W;
JR J; CN M; M E C; S A S; A B; W N

On 1879 middle extension
        “ Name Marks 2
WA K; W H H; SA S; F F; C W;
MD W; J K; J D; FN C; A J;
Mees (see Notes)

          “ “This Memorial Stone was laid by Charles Mees Esq, JP, of Luton on August 14th 1879”
J D was Revd. James Daniel
        “ Name Marks 3
H W; D S; J F H; C W F; A E F; J B;
W O; H K; J H; J O; F M C; T H;
Bond (see Notes)

          “ “This Memorial Stone was laid by Mr John Bond of Biggleswade August 14th 1879”
        “ Scholars Stone, Mr R. Temple Swift, Superintendent

On 1905 extension
        “ Mr E.C. Kitchiner, June 22 1905

        “ Mr Edwin Mosscrop

        “ Mr James Odell

        “ Mr John Bond

        “ Mr Wm Nichols

        “ To The Glory of God and the Good of Man



        “ Chapel Roof Finial


Photographs by Chris Johannesen and Mollie Stocker – 2010.