John Ryland was born at Biggleswade in 1798 and died in 1859; he was trading as a grocer and tea dealer at Ryland’s Corner by 1827. The shop and premises was located at the corner of Market Square and High Street. The original property had a frontage to what is now Boots chemist and extended right back to the present Bonds Lane. Some sources are confused about the location as it was variously described as Market Place, High Street and Hitchin Street; but there was only one premises. His son John Benjamin Ryland, born at Biggleswade in 1829 carried on with the business as grocer and draper until his death in about 1880. His widow Elizabeth was living at 174 Portsdown Road, Paddington in the 1881 census.

The most famous member of the Ryland family was John Benjamin and Elizabeth’s second son Henry Ryland (1856-1924).

Henry Ryland RI (Royal Institute of Painters) was nationally renowned as painter, illustrator and decorative illustrator including stained glass windows. There is a long article about him in volume 18 of the original Bedfordshire Magazine.