Property names and their locations with links to images of plaques, important architectural features and notable advertising detail.  Included are names of houses, cottages and terraces, ecclesiastical and public buildings and business properties.

This section provides a location finding aid and architectural gallery for buildings such as houses, cottages and terraces, ecclesiastical and public buildings and business properties – even eyesores! Two of our members have recorded and photographed these for posterity.

Don’t forget to check out our page describing the origins and other details related to road names here.

Property NameRoadAddress
'illegible' VillasSaffron Road36-38
Albert CottagesFairfield Road21-23
Alexandra TerraceRose Lane9-43
Boddington TerraceThe Baulk54-66
Boddington VillasLondon Road29-31
Brenley CottagesLawrence Road18-20
Brunswick PlaceRose LaneApartment block
Cape CottagesSaffron Road48-54
Chilworth HouseThe Baulk49
Claremont CottagesRose Lane (part)Road now called Windsor Terrace
Coronation CottagesHitchin Street153-159
Delmar CottagesBanks Road24-26
Denmark TerraceDrove Road82-84
Earlsmead CottagesThe Baulk68-80
East ViewHavelock Road1-3
Eden CottagesHavelock Road5-11
EllingtonSaffron Road34
Elm ViewLondon Road7-17
Fairfield VillasFairfield Road13-15
Fair ViewSun Street27
Fern CottagesFairfield Road25-29
Ferndale VillasFairfield Road9-11
Fire Station, OldChurch Street{no number}
Holly Bush, TheFairfield Road5
Holme VillaHitchin Street161-163
Hope TerraceHitchin Street142-150
Ipswich VillasThe Baulk27-29
Ivel HouseMill Lane
Ivy CottageFairfield Road19
Ivy CottagesBanks Road28-30
Ivy CottagesLawrence Road61-63
Ivy CottagesSaffron Road4046
Jubilee TerraceThe Baulk13-25
Kimberley HouseThe Baulk88
Kingswalden VillaThe Baulk40
Lace CottagePotton Road7
Laurel VillaChurch Street{no number}
Laurel ViewLawrence Road1-4 (off Lawrence Road)
Lillie ViewHitchin Street152
Manor HouseDrove Road97
Mead HouseShortmead StreetFlats 5,6,7 Elphick Court
Methodist ChapelChapel FieldsSunday School
Millennium HouseSt John Street12
Myrtle CottagesBanks Road32-34
Myrtle VillasThe Baulk31-41
Napton VillaThe Baulk24
Old Cobblers, TheDrove Road120
Orchid CottagesSaffron Road56-62
Pembroke HouseFairfield Road7
Pinner CottagePotton Road
Plymton CottagesFairfield Road35-37
Primitive Methodist ChapelShortmead Street32A-F
Prospect PlaceHitchin Street1-4
Richmond VillaThe Baulk52
Roseleigh CottagesBanks Road19-21
Rose VillasPotton Road1-2
Rosslyn VillasHitchin Street133-135
Saffron CottageSaffron Road1
St John's TerraceSun Street105-115 & 117-123
South ViewSaffron Road5-15
Stratton ViewLawrence Road1-3
Stratton VillasThe Baulk8-12
Salisbury TerraceHitchin Street123-129
Temperance CottagesThe Baulk90-96
Temple VillaFairfield Road17
The GeorgeStation RoadBlock of flats opposite the railway station yard.
The LodgeStrattonStratton Park Lodge
Victoria HouseShortmead Street42 & 44
Vine CottagesSt John Street18 and 20
Vine LodgeStation Road18
Violet CottagesBanks Road23-25
Wesleyan ChapelShortmead Street

Date and Builders PlaquesRoadAddress
1840Shortmead StreetBeaumont Nursing Home
1848Potton Road98
1857Station Road8-12
1859 T H, 1860St John Street21-27, 29-31
1872Drove Road1-3
1879Potton RoadParish boundary bridge on Potton Road (from Jane Croot)
1886, 1889, 1892, 1895, 1900, MMIIIHitchin Street80 and 101 through toÊ163
1902The Baulk31 and 35
1914 F.W.W. {Frederick William Wilkinson}Fairfield Road39-41
1905, 1921London Road48, 63-65
1907 LJBStrattonStratton Park Cottages (both) and Stratton Lodge only the builder's mark.
{Lucy Jane Barnett. See our booklet Townsfolk of Biggleswade Volume 1}
1913 BUDC {Biggleswade Urban District Council}Drove Road27-69
1931Palace StreetBehind Sea Cadets building
1969Hitchin StreetTelephone Exchange
1992Swanbourne Close15
1994Swanbourne Close14
2002Chapel Fields7a-7g (on 7d)
2009The BaulkKidmans Garage site
J FLawrence Road47-59
SAK or SKA?London Road23

Architecture - Nice and NastyRoadAddress
A blot on the landscape!!Bonds Lane{no number}
Cemetery ChapelDrove Road{no number}
Finial Rose Lane SchoolRose LaneOld Pottery Room
Georges HallHigh StreetLiberal Club and shops
Decoration and Old BuildingHitchin Street88 & s90, 125-127, 161
Wesleyan ChapelChapel FieldsSunday School
Red insigniaPotton RoadTurnpike Farm
MilestonePotton Road
Court SignSaffron RoadOld Magistrate's Court
DecorationSaffron Road9

DellarBonds Lane{no number}