Biggleswade Town Drum

The Biggleswade Town Band disbanded in the 1960’s and no doubt the instruments went far and wide. The Biggleswade History Society is delighted to say that the big bass drum came home in time for Christmas 2005 after many years in the attic of Gamlingay Village College. The drum was discovered there by Mr Vic Cook, the college site agent and, with kind permission of the headteacher, Mr M.C. Clark, it is now in the safe keeping of the Biggleswade History Society in our archive room. If anyone has story to tell about the band we shall be delighted to hear from you, especially if you once played the drum in the band.

Biggleswade Drum

Mr Peter Horn contacted us in March 2007; he played 2nd trombone in the band in the late 40s/early 50s and his father Herbert (Bert) played in the band for 35 years; he was an employee of Watkin Motor Engineers. At the time Peter was a band member the drum was played by Ted Robinson and later Les Arger. Peter’s family had lived at 82 Lawrence Road in Biggleswade, his mother, Edith, was a member of several of the town’s organisations including the Afternoon Towns Women’s Guild and her membership can be seen in the records we hold for 1955/56. Peter attended Rose Lane Secondary school and his intake number, 4259, can be seen in the registers we hold. He previously went to Rose Lane school as an infant before moving on to the schools in Shortmead Street and Church Street.

Of course it would be our wish for the drum to be on display in a museum in Biggleswade along with other items we hold. The drum can be seen in photo 72 of our “Bygone Biggleswade Volume 2” where the band is leading a procession along Fairfield Road for the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II in 1953.