Biggleswade School Admission Registers

These registers were donated to the Biggleswade History Society by a local resident: Being a public document they have now been lodged with the Bedfordshire Archives and Records Service (BARS). We would ask that anyone holding such registers make them available to the Society in the first instance for transcription purposes; they will always be transferred to BARS.

Bedfordshire Education Committee
Biggleswade Council Girls and Boys Schools at Rose Lane

Girls Admission Register from 10th April 1923 Last Admission 30th August 1954.
Boys and Mixed Admission Register from 5th September 1932 Last Admission 16th April 1959.

Girls Register Notes:
1. Date of last attendance 24th July 1958.
2. Admissions continue as mixed records in the boys register from 30th August 1954 to 16th April 1959.

Boys Register Notes:
1. Date of last attendance 20th July 1962.
2. Admissions start as mixed records from 30th August 1954.

We have extracted the surnames, totaling over 1000, from both registers and these are listed below. It will be appreciated that for data protection reasons we are unable to make the data publicly available. However, to assist genuine researchers we will look up for records if, and it is stressed ONLY IF, we are given a full name and approximate date of birth. Recognise, that these registers record children joining at the age of 11+ and stayed for 3 years before attaining leaving age or to leave for another school. The girls were born from 1912 to 1947 and the boys from 1921 also to 1947.

Adams, Aggett, Aisbett, Albone, Allen, Allison, Alsop, Amey, Andrews, Apps, Archer, Arger, Arlett, Armond, Armstrong, Arnold, Ash, Ashton, Askham, Athey, Athow, Atkin, Atkins, Atkinson, Auburn, Austin, Ayres, Bailey, Bailiff, Baker, Balchin, Ball, Ballard, Bamber, Bancroft, Banes, Bareham, Barford, Barker, Barley, Barnes, Baron, Barrett, Bartley, Barton, Bartram, Baskerville, Bason, Bass, Basterfield, Bates, Battson, Baxter, Bean, Beaumont, Beavis, Beckett, Beeby, Beith, Bennett, Bentley, Bett, Betts, Bierton, Bilcock, Bing, Bird, Blackman, Blackwell, Blain, Blake, Bland, Blight, Blott, Blower, Blulstein, Bodaly, Boness, Bonfield, Booth, Bosley, Boswell, Bounsall, Bourne, Bowles, Boyd, Boyle, Boynton, Bradford, Bradish, Bradshaw, Bragg, Brazier, Breed, Brennan, Brereton, Brewer, Bridge, Brimble, Brinkler, Briscoe, Brittain, Britten, Broadwater, Bromley, Brookbanks, Brookes, Brooks, Broome, Brown, Bruce, Brunt, Bryant, Buck, Buckingham, Buckland, Buckle, Buckler, Buckley, Bull, Bumstead, Bunker, Burdon, Burkiff, Burnett, Burrows, Burton, Bush, Bushby, Butcher, Buxton, Bygraves, Cage, Caldon, Callaghan, Camp, Campion, Candy, Cantwell, Carpenter, Carr, Carrick, Carter, Cartwell, Cartwright, Casson, Cavanaugh, Cellarius, Chamberlain, Chambers, Champkins, Chandler, Chapman, Chappell, Charge, Charter, Chases, Chennery, Cherry, Chessam, Chessham, Chessum, Chick, Child, Chisholm, Christmas, Church, Clancey, Clancy, Clark, Clarke, Clay, Clayton, Clegg, Clements, Clifford, Cockerton, Cohen, Cole, Coles, Collier, Collins, Collyer, Constable, Constant, Conway, Cook, Cooke, Cooper, Coppin, Corston, Costin, Coupland, Course, Cousins, Couzens, Covill, Covington, Cox, Crackwell, Craig, Crane, Crawley, Creed, Creek, Crook, Cropley, Cruse, Cull, Cunningham, Curchin, Curtis, Cyprien, Daisley, Dale, Dalton, Daniels, Darlington, Darlow, Darnell, Darts, Davies, Davis, Dawson, Day, de_Quincey, Dean, Debney, Deffee, Dellar, Dempsey, Dennis, Denton, Desborough, Devey, Dew, Dexter, Dickinson, Diffey, Dilley, Dimitri, Diprose, Disborough, Dixon, Doble, Dobson, Docherty, Dodd, Doggett, Doland, Doogan, Doughty, Dowers, Draper, Dray, Driver, Duggan, Dunbar, Dunsworth, Durham, Durrant, Dwocki, Dye, Eames, Earl, Ebbs, Edgeley, Edgely, Edmonds, Edwards, Eggleston, Elliman, Elphick, Elworthy, Emery, Endersby, Evans, Everitt, Faccini, Falconer, Fall, Farenden, Faulkner, Feasey, Felling, Fellows, Fensome, Field, Fields, Finding, Fischer, Fitton, Flax, Flint, Flower, Fogel, Ford, Forrest, Foster, Fowler, Fox, Foxley, France, Francis, Francklow, Frankis, Franklin, Free, Freeman, French, Friedman, Friend, Frith, Fuller, Gadsby, Gadsden, Gale, Gammack, Gardiner, Gardner, Garner, Gascoigne, Gauge, Gentle, Geoghegan, George, Gerrish, Gibbens, Gibbons, Gibbs, Giddings, Gilbert, Gilbertson, Giles, Gillard, Gilliland, Ginn, Girling, Glass, Glover, Gluckstein, Godbold, Godfrey, Goldberg, Goldstein, Goodacre, Goodliffe, Goodridge, Goodwin, Gosling, Goss, Gould, Gowan, Grady, Gray, Green, Greenbaum, Greenberg, Greenwood, Gregory, Grummitt, Guiver, Gurney, Gurnhill, Haddow, Haigh, Hale, Hall, Hallam, Halleybone, Halliday, Hallybone, Halpin, Handscombe, Harbach, Harback, Harding, Hardy, Hare, Harper, Harpur, Harradine, Harrington, Harrington, Harris, Harrison, Harrold, Hart, Hartly, Hartwell, Harvey, Haston, Hattemore, Hauton, Hawkes, Hawkins, Hay, Hayden, Haydon, Hayes, Haygarth, Haynes, Head, Heard, Heath, Heathcote, Heley, Helm, Hemmings, Hendebourck, Henderson, Hendry, Henegan, Henman, Henry, Hibble, Hickman, Hicks, Higgs, Hill, Hilleter, Hills, Hillyard, Hilton, Hipert, Hipgrave, Hobbs, Hodges, Hodkinson, Holton, Honey, Hope, Hopkins, Horn, Horner, Horowitz, Horsford, Hough, Houghton, Housden, Howe, Howett, Howling, Hubbard, Huckle, Huddon, Hudson, Hughes, Hulatt, Hull, Humphreys, Humphries, Hurst, Hutchinson, Hyams, Hyde, Hymbley, Ibbitt, Irvin, Isaacs, Isaccs, Isham, Izzard, Jackson, Jacobs, Jacobson, James, Jarman, Jarvis, Jeeves, Jeeves, Jefferies, Jeffery, Jeffs, Jemmett, Jenkins, Jennings, Jermy, Johnson, Jones, Jublonsky, Junker, Kahl, Kaufman, Kaye, Keech, Keene, Kelley, Kelly, Kendall, Kentish, Keogh, Keppel, Kersey, Keys, Kilby, Killaspy, Killeen, Kimberley, King, Kingsbury, Kingston, Kitchener, Kitchiner, Knight, Korson, Kravis, Ladham, Lake, Lamb, Lamey, Lampart, Land, Langdon, Langford, Langley, Lankshear, Laplain, Lark, Larkinson, Larman, Law, Lawler, Lawman, Lawrence, Lawson, Layton, Lea, Leach, Leadley, Leafe, Leath, Lee, Leggett, Leisl, Leist, Lenton, Leonard, Leveridge, Lewis, Liddiard, Lillico, Lincoln, Linton, Lipman, Lipp, Litchfield, Little, Lloyd, Lockey, Lodge, Loftus, Lomas, Loney, Long, Lotty, Loverage, Loveridge, Lovett, Lowther, Luck, Lull, Lund, Macdonald, Mace, Macleod, Maddoms, Maguire, Mahoney, Mahony, Males, Manci, Mander, Marcovitch, Marks, Marlow, Marlowe, Marsh, Marshall, Marsom, Martin, Mason, Matthews, Maudlin, Maulin, Mayes, Mayo, Mayston, McCormick, McAllister, McCann, McCombie, McCormick, McGettigan, McGonigle, McGrady, McGready, McKay, McKenzie, McLennan, McLennon, M’Credie, McSweeney, Mead, Medlock, Meeks, Mees, Melrose, Mercalf, Merrington, Merrison, Messeder, Metcaffe, Migen, Millard, Milledge, Miller, Milliner, Mills, Milne, Milton, Mindham, Minney, Minns, Mintjens, Mitchell, Mizen, Mogridge, Montgomery, Moon, Morgan, Morley, Morrallee, Morrellee, Morris, Morton, Munday, Munns, Munsey, Munslow, Murphy, Murray, Musgrove, Myerscough, Nedic, Newell, Newman, Newson, Nicholls, Nichols, Nicol, Nield, Nightingale, Noakes, Noble, Norman, Northfield, Northwood, Nottingham, Oakes, Oakins, Oakley, O’Brien, O’Close, Odell, Off, Offin, O’Flaherty, Oldfield, Olney, Onion, Osborne, Overson, Owen, Page, Pall, Papworth, Parker, Parkinson, Parkman, Parry, Parsons, Partridge, Pates, Payne, Pead, Pearce, Peck, Peel, Peer, Pegg, Pell, Penrose, Penwright, Pepper, Perfitte, Perham, Perkins, Perry, Perryman, Peters, Pettit, Pettitt, Philbrook, Phillips, Pibworth, Pickford, Piggott, Piper, Plumb, Plummer, Pollard, Pollock, Pomfret, Pool, Pope, Porter, Poster, Potter, Potton, Potts, Powell, Pratt, Presland, Pressland, Price, Prince, Pritchard, Probert, Pryor, Pull, Purkiss, Pye, Pyke, Quince, Radford, Rainbank, Rainsford, Raisin, Randall, Ranns, Rawlings, Ray, Raybould, Rayner, Reed, Reilly, Revels, Rice, Richardson, Richey, Rickard, Ricketts, Ritson, Roberts, Robinson, Rogers, Rolfe, Rook, Roper, Roscoe, Rosier, Ross, Rouse, Rowe, Rowland, Rowlett, Rowley, Rowling, Ruddick, Rudland, Rumbelow, Russell, Rutt, Ryan, Ryder, Sabey, Sale, Salmon, Samorowski, Samways, Sanders, Sargeant, Saunders, Saunderson, Savage, Sawford, Sawyer, Schneiderman, Schofield, Scotson, Scott, Sell, Sells, Senior, Sermons, Setterfield, Seward, Seward, Seymour, Shanhannon, Shearman, Sheers, Shelton, Shepherd, Sheppard, Sheridan, Shield, Sibley, Sillem, Silsby, Silson, Simmons, Simms, Simons, Simpson, Sims, Sinclair, Singer, Single, Siseman, Skelton, Skevington, Skidmore, Skilliter, Skinner, Skipp, Slender, Smart, Smedley, Smit, Smith, Smithson, Smythe, Sparkes, Spearing, Spicer, Spooner, Spring, Squirrell, Stacey, Stafferton, Stallan, Stanton, Stapleton, Stark, Starling, Stedman, Steel, Steele, Steers, Stephensen, Stephensen, Stevens, Stevenson, Stimpson, Stimson, Stocker, Stocks, Stone, Stoner, Stratton, Street, Stringer, Strong, Stubbings, Sugars, Summerfield, Summerfield, Surkitt, Sutherland, Suttaby, Sutton, Swain, Swales, Swannells, Swift, Swords, Symons, Taaffe, Tanner, Tapping, Tasker, Taylor, Tear, Thacker, Thatcher, Theobald, Theobalds, Thirkell, Thompson, Thorn, Thorne, Thornhill, Thrush, Thurleigh, Thurlow, Thurston, Tickner, Timms, Titmus, Todd, Tofts, Tomlin, Tompkins, Tonge, Tooley, Tooth, Towns, Tremayne, Truin, Trundley, Tuck, Tucker, Turner, Turnidge, Turtlebury, Turvey, Tuthill, Twart, Twiddy, Tyrer, Underwood, Urwin, Usher, Vale, Vann, Vernum, Vickers, Vincent, Vintner, Vission, Wade, Wagstaff, Waite, Wakes, Walers, Wales, Walker, Walkling, Walkling, Wallace, Wallis, Walls, Walters, Waltham, Walton, Ward, Ware, Waring, Warner, Warnes, Warren, Warwick, Waters, Watson, Watton, Watts, Wearmouth, Webb, Webster, Weiss, Welch, Wells, Wenn, Wensley, West, Westerman, Wheatley, Whelan, White, Whitehouse, Whiteman, Whittan, Whittfield, Whyatt, Whyte, Wicker, Wilder, Wilford, Wilkes, Wilkins, Wilkinson, Williams, Willson, Wilsher, Wilson, Windridge, Wines, Wing, Winn, Winterford, Winton, Winwood, Witney, Woodcock, Woodcraft, Woodcroft, Woodhall, Woodhouse, Wooding, Woodman, Woods, Woodward, Woolard, Woollard, Worsley, Wrathmall, Wren, Wrenn, Wright, Wyles, Yates, York, Young, Zack