Audio Recordings

Index of audio recordings of Biggleswade townsfolk.

No.TypeTitleInterviewee / LocationDateMain Interviewer or SourceInterviewee / Source InformationDuration (mins)Recording Summary & Information
1LectureSt Andrew's Parish Church Millennium WindowPetri Anderson in St Andrew's Church10/11/2000Lecture and slide show commentaryStained glass artist46How he designed and manufactured the window. The window was installed one week after the talk.
2InterviewKayser BondorFlorence Emry, Cissie Bryant and Merl Brown28/05/1993Horace DilleyLong serving members (since 1938) at Bondor80Full Fashion Hosiery Company became Bondor before the war, Kayser Bondor after the war then Sheers before becoming a division of Courtaulds.
3InterviewCommon Lands of Biggleswade and the Fen ReevesAlan Rutherford Bennett04/06/1991Horace DilleyHead Reeve, Chairman of the Directors of Biggleswade Common68The common lands of Biggleswade, Common Rights Owners and the Fen Reeves. Also includes some other local information.
4InterviewFamily, Shops and Businesses in my YouthAlan Rutherford Bennett29/05/1992Horace DilleySon of Albert Bennett84Talks of his family, his father Albert, butcher, his uncles who were in local business and other shops and characters of Biggleswade.
5InterviewBiggleswade Urban District CouncilAlan Rutherford Bennett16/12/1992Horace DilleyBorn 1913 - Clerk to UDC for 25 years56Alan was 79 when this recording was made. Tells of his early days with Chaundler & Son, solicitors at the age of 16 and describes the workings of Biggleswade UDC and some personalities he came across.
6InterviewLife with Labour and Biggleswade and Bedfordshire CouncilsVictor and Doris Brunt16/11/1990Horace DilleyProlific local and County labour councillors91Recollections of the labour party since the 1940's including local and general elections and Biggleswade UDC and Town Councils together with Mid-Bedfordshire and Bedfordshire County Councils.
7InterviewMarket GardeningDennis Carr13/12/2004Horace Dilley & Rex SkinnerMarket gardener85Refers to his grandfather who worked on building of the railway, talks in detail about his life in market gardening and mentions his love of playing cricket.
8LectureBiggleswade as a LadJohn Chew03/03/1987LectureGrandson of Ebenezer Chew59Recollections of a Biggleswade character.
9InterviewBiggleswade Bowls ClubTed Woods and Dave St Allan13/11/2003Horace DilleyTed and Dave's father were founder members71Bowling activities in and around the town over sixty years. Dave's father built the first pavilion.
10LectureBiggleswade Brewery TourTony Vale at Biggleswade Brewery with Chris Johannson15/08/1990Green King at Biggleswade BreweryA talking newspaper supplement17A guided tour around the Green King brewery in Biggleswade
11MusicBiggleswade HymnNot knownNot knownPiano and songNot known4The hymn Biggleswade written by FT Comerford in 1887 using an adaptation of the tune Agnus Dei written by W. Blow who lived between about 1826 and 1887.
12InterviewEarly Life and Coach Business TalesCharles Cook22/07/1988Horace DilleyA prominent Biggleswade businessman93From arrival in Biggleswade at the age of 4 (born 1923), his schools, growing up, his war days and his business days from his first taxi through to coach business.
13InterviewMore Coaching Tales, Councillor and Man of BiggleswadeCharles Cook05/08/1988Horace DilleyBusinessman & Councillor80Picks up from where tape 1 left off and continues with stories from his business life, his dedicated service on councils and his love of Biggleswade.
14LectureD-Day LandingCharles Cook05/01/1993LectureD-Day Veteran75A fascinating personal account of D-Day events.
15InterviewChildhood to ArtistMarjorie & Bill Daisley27/10/1995Horace Dilley & Rex SkinnerArtists - a painter and a framer81Marjorie growing up with cinemas including the Empire and Regal; development of their artistic talent and their joint business with her painting and Bill's framing.
16InterviewTOC H, Life as Furniture Retailer and ChurchKen Daniels22/10/1987Horace DilleyChristian Retailer63An insight into the TOC H, furniture retailing in Biggleswade and the Primitive Baptists
17InterviewCattle Market & Tales of a Biggleswade AuctioneerHorace Dilley15/09/1989Rex SkinnerAuctioneer88Horace's story from leaving school through his time as an auctioneer.
18InterviewEmpire Cinema & History of the Chamber of Trade from 1938 to 1945Horace Dilley05/04/1991Rex SkinnerChairman of Chamber of Trade65Horace's recollections of the Empire Cinema and his long involvement with the Chamber of Trade
19InterviewThe Parish Church of St Andrew's, BiggleswadePhyllis Dominey06/10/1989Horace DilleyWidow of Rev John Dominey46History produced by Rev Dominey in 1976
20RadioRoyal Oak TapestriesJill DraperNot knownIan Pierce, Radio BedfordshireLuton Museum7The tapestries, woven in the 1550s, were found under the wallpaper in the Royal Oak in the 1950s; they may have come from Stratton
21InterviewRefurbishment and Redevelopment of the Elphick Site in Shortmead StreetChris Howlett21/03/2003Horace Dilley, Ken Page & Rex SkinnerRaglan Housing Association39From history of the site 1838 onwards to the development of the site by Raglan Housing Association and the sensitive treatment of the listed buildings.
22InterviewA Life With The Methodist ChurchWilfred Jordan23/10/1992Horace DilleyA man of the community80Family man, business man as a market gardener, sportsman, local government and ardent Methodist
23InterviewElphick's - The PrinterDavid Elphick21/08/1992Horace DilleyPrinter of Biggleswade25This was originally two tapes but Wilfred Jordan's interview was recorded over most of Tape 1 so only a fragment (10 minutes out of 90 minutes) remains in addition to 15 minutes on Tape 2+147. Elphick's were in Biggleswade for 100 years before moving to Bedford.
24InterviewStratton Park SchoolWilliam Gentle02/04/1984Rex SkinnerWorked in the school14Background of the school which William says was closed about 1938; and some nattering
25InterviewEarly days in business and Town MattersHorace Gale22/06/1988John BurnettTown businessman43Early days in business, the Baptist church, UDC, Chamber of Trade and town businesses
26InterviewChristmas Lights, Horace Gale Ltd & Baptist ChapelHorace Gale03/02/1995Horace DilleyTown businessman66Aged 88, talking about the matters in the title (Horace Gale had a radio and TV business for many years)
27InterviewNAAFI During and Post WW2Gwen Hallybone14/08/1992Horace DilleyWorked for NAAFI46Recollections of working for the NAAFI and wartime life
28InterviewCareer of an Anglican ClergymanCanon Peter Hill04/08/1998Horace DilleyVicar of Biggleswade 1979 to 199080From childhood days through his career as an Anglican clergyman, including time in Biggleswade from 5th January 1979 until 24th August 1990 then Holbeach, Lincolnshire, and the state of the church.
29InterviewWorking & Sporting Life In And Around BiggleswadeKen Hutchinson27/07/2003Horace Dilley & Rex SkinnerMember to the from the 1930's61Biggleswade Town Silver Band from 1935 until 1940, market gardening, sporting life and the fire service
30InterviewIvel Valley Countryside ProjectJoel Carre27/01/1995Horace Dilley & Rex SkinnerProject Officer for the project65Talks about his role in developing the project in line with its three main aims, what has been achieved and objectives for the future.
31InterviewA Life With BerkeleyRon Jemmett30/07/1993Horace Dilley & Rex SkinnerBerkeley employee69From 1944 with the RAF as aircrew to Berkeley caravans and cars - they moved from Old Warden to Biggleswade in 1946, started on cars about 1952 and closed in 1959.
32InterviewLife at Sandy and Holme MillsJohn Jordan28/10/1988Horace DilleyMill Owner85Born about 1922, from days in Sandy as a child through his RAF career, owner of haulage businesses and garages and his mills at Sandy and Biggleswade. Also his sports of flying and motor racing.
33InterviewA Sporting Life in BiggleswadeMarcus King07/06/1991Horace DilleyCricketer and all round sportsman79Talks about his life in sport mainly in Biggleswade
34InterviewWar Time ExperiencesTed Kirkham13/10/1994Horace DilleyWW11 veteran93A man from Wales talks about his experiences in the army during WW11
35InterviewRag, Iron & Metal MerchantsRichard Larkinson20/02/1998Horace DilleyBiggleswade businessman44He talks about his scrap business that was started by his grandfather in 1891and adds a little about the china business.
36RadioSir Nigel Gresley & MallardNot knownNot knownRadio recordingSeveral, not known25People talk about the A4 Pacific railway locomotive Mallard, and its speed record. With information about its designer, Sir Nigel Gresley, born 1876. Includes a little period material.
37InterviewLife of a Market GardenerHarold Mager15/06/2004Horace DilleyMarket gardener47His life and times in Henlow, born 1902.
38InterviewA Long Life in BiggleswadeWinifred Maystom20/05/2004Horace DilleyBiggleswade lady69Born into the Course family in 1909 talks about her long life in Biggleswade.
39InterviewEvacuee 1939-40 When I Came To BiggleswadeJoan MonktonNot knownRex SkinnerEvacuee to Biggleswade39A new life in Biggleswade
40InterviewChanges in Life Through the DecadesBruce Odell21/05/1993Horace DilleyBiggleswade man76Talks about his life through the decades from the late 1930's, the characters and character of an era.
41InterviewElizabeth MunnsMuriel Scott13/02/1987Horace DilleyPhotographic recorder of Biggleswade's history43Muriel reflects on Liz Munns life c1909-1985, especially her detailed photographic recording of Biggleswade; its changes and history and tells some interesting stories.
42NotesSlide NotesLiz MunnsNot knownNot knownPhotographic recorder of Biggleswade's history47Made by a third party probably with Liz Munns going through some of her slide collection and recording notes about their dates and contents. Boxes 1 to 6
43InterviewMy Life and The Fire ServiceBernard Newman06/04/1988Horace DilleyMarket gardener and retained fireman67Start of recording missing (over-recorded?) 36 years in Biggleswade fire service.
44InterviewMy Life and The Fire ServiceCharlie Pressland15/04/1988Horace DilleyBiggleswade coalman & retained fireman79Started with the fire service in 1937; was Station Officer for 25 years and retired 1968.
45InterviewSmart & Brown Machine Tools LtdDick Mogridge18/12/1989Horace DilleyLong time employee of Smart & Brown38With Smart & Brown before they moved to Biggleswade in 1945; about 150 people came from Yorkshire, he stayed with them for 42 years.
46InterviewNAAFI in BiggleswadeEvelyn Ina Payne28/10/2004Horace DilleyNAAFI employee in WWII46Story about the NAAFI warehouse in Biggleswade during WWII
47InterviewOld Biggleswade PersonKitty Plummer26/11/1991Horace DilleyBiggleswade lady78Born in 1909 Kitty has seen a lot of change in Biggleswade and she reminisces about her life here
48InterviewHis Life, Including Experiences in the First World WarFred Rook31/05/1991Horace DilleyBroom Man92Born in 1897 Fred talks about his life from his school days through his experiences in the first world war, demobilisation in 1919, market garden small holding from 1921 through to him retiring from playing bowls at the age of 91
49InterviewA Life on the Land - Agriculture in Market GardeningDavid Eric Quince08/12/1995Horace Dilley & Rex SkinnerA man of the land79Born in Lower Caldecote 1916, had 10 siblings (and 2 stillborn); he spent most of his life in market gardening.
50InterviewOld Time Dancing in BiggleswadePeter Roy Rook17/08/1990Horace Dilley & Rex SkinnerOld Time Dancing Enthusiast & Town Councillor86Independent Town Councillor since 1970 and served one term as Mayor in 1980/81 (still is in 2005). Joined the Old Time Dancing Club in 1959 and secretary for 23 years.
51InterviewMy LifeMaurice Smith25/11/1986 28/01/1987Horace Dilley & Rex SkinnerDairyman then Ice Cream Maker & Seller83Aged 88, born 1899 and lived in Biggleswade all his life. The recording has the later part first and then a dub-over of the earlier one.
052AInterviewBiggleswade Scouts (Very poor recording)Jack ChessumNot knownNot knownNot known15Some personal reminiscences
052BInterviewBiggleswade Scouts and Old Biggleswade (Poor recording)Jimmie KeeneNot knownPossibly Harold SmithScouter21Some personal reminiscences
53InterviewMy Life and times in BiggleswadeEdward (Ted) Woods09/06/2000Horace DilleyLocal Character83Born in Blunham in 1912, worked for Owen Godfrey motor engineers on west side of Shortmead Street near the bridge in his early days. He mentions many familiar, and some famous, names
54InterviewMemoriesAbel Harold Smith30/11/1987Horace DilleyBiggleswade Historian45Born 1900 in Hackney, came to Biggleswade in 1939.
55MonologueFranklin's Mill, Home Guard & ScoutingAbel Harold Smith28/11/1989N/ABiggleswade Historian17Harold tells some of his story.
56Celebration100th Birthday Celebration - DOB 4 March 1900Abel Harold Smith07/03/2000The SocietyN/A17Horace tells members about the arrangements for the celebration and the Society celebrates Harold's 100th birthday. Unfortunately Harold was in hospital on the day.
57InterviewBricks & Brick-HuntingDonald Stewart15/01/1993Horace DilleyBrick enthusiast and ex Stratton School teacher92A fascinating account of bricks and brick-making with an emphasis on Biggleswade
58InterviewTeaching in BiggleswadeJack Morgan02/06/2000Horace DilleyEx teacher58Born in 1918 in Wales, after his time in the 2nd World War taught at St Andrews school for 40 years, he tells an interesting story about his career and some about his interests in beekeeping and singing.
59MonologueShort History of St Neots c 1917Read by Rex SkinnerNot knownN/AN/A10Rex tells of some of the history of St Neots.
60InterviewHistory of BiggleswadeHorace Dilley & Rex Skinner26/02/1996Matthew DoggettMembers of Biggleswade History Society63A young boy interviews two stalwarts of Biggleswade and asks questions about its history.
61InterviewBiggleswade Through The Eyes Of An ArchitectJohn Burnett22/07/2005Horace DilleyBiggleswade Architect93States it was the 100th recording but it wasn't, unfortunately this was also reported in the Biggleswade Chronicle and the History Society Newsletter. John talks about many other aspects of his life here.
62InterviewStratton Medieval Village ProjectDrew Shotliff12/06/1992Horace DilleyBedfordshire County Council Archaeological Project Officer90Describes the details of the project and talks much about the area occupied by the medieval village (Tec Chambers, aged 85, in attendance which of course leads to some general historical chat!).
63InterviewLost Village of StrattonDrew Shotliff20/10/1995Rex SkinnerBedfordshire County Council Archaeological Project OfficerÊ92Rex explores some detail about the village of Stratton and associations with other aspects of Biggleswade.
64InterviewAmbulance ServicePeter Tyrer18/03/1991Horace DilleyEx Ambulance Service73Talks about his long and distinguished career in the ambulance service
65NewsBiggleswade Twinning and Ivel House etc, etcTalking NewspaperNot knownN/AService for vision impaired30Reads news from Biggleswade and area; mentions Charles Cook as being a member of the Town Council at a meeting which included discussion of the proposal for town twinning and the desire by Wheatley Homes to demolish Ivel House. Edited by Fred Sims
66InterviewCharacter of BiggleswadeSidney Quince16/03/1990Horace DilleyRat & rabbit catcher and poacher83Aged 82 (born 1908 in Sandy at Park Lane). His father was Edward John Quince and his grandfather was a Wesleyan preacher. He lived at 59 Sun Street when he was married and lived his life as a bit of a rogue - a wonderful tape to listen to - what a character!
67InterviewWeatherley Oil GearGeoff Cavanaugh and Stan Surrey18/08/1989Horace DilleyTwo long term employees90Weatherley, a company which started in 1939 and gave many people employment. The founder was well known for his generosity in Biggleswade and is recognised by the Weatherley Centre for which he made a grant.
68InterviewNAAFI BakeryMyrtle Melinda Ward02/12/1993Horace DilleyEmployee for 5-6 years32Worked at the bakery after WWII; it closed in 1953.
69InterviewHis Musical Life & Biggleswade FamilyRaymond Wood30/04/2003Horace DilleyBiggleswade musician91Talks about his father who worked for Elphick's all his working life, his family life in Biggleswade and his musical career.
70InterviewLife's Work in BiggleswadeHenry James Wren19/01/1990Horace DilleyBiggleswade fishmonger73The Wren fish business started in Lowestoft and the family have been in Biggleswade for many years. Henry's mother was a Harris with connections with the fair.
71InterviewA Lifetime in BiggleswadeWinifred Ann Whiteman26/08/2003Horace DilleyElder of Biggleswade88A delightful story of a life in Biggleswade
72InterviewWomens Royal Voluntary ServiceJoan Smith, May Cox & Mary Stanbridge20/05/1988Horace DilleyWRVS ladies85The history and activities of the WRVS, especially in Biggleswade
73RadioAbout Biggleswade - Promotion for a MuseumHorace Dilley, Bernard Newman, Ken Page, Harold Smith, Cannon Dominey09/04/1993 Broadcast 12/4/1993Chiltern RadioPeople of Biggleswade with historical interests27The interviewees talk about the history of Biggleswade.
74LectureHorses, Horsemen and Horse FairsMichael MarlowNot knownN/AAs Horace said, " Biggleswade's John Wayne"43A talk to the Biggleswade History Society about horse fairs, horses and horsemen. Low recording level and noisy background.
75LectureA Life Story from 1895Bob WilsonPossibly as early as 1992N/ABiggleswade furniture retailer54A talk to the Biggleswade History Society. Poor recording, the microphone was distant from the speaker. Born 1895, said he had been in Biggleswade for 87 years.
76InterviewLife as a Butcher in Biggleswade & Mid-Bedfordshire District CouncillorRichard Oliver Bennett03/07/1992Horace DilleyMaster Butcher & Councillor93An insight into life as a butcher in Biggleswade post war and later as a councillor in the Mid-Beds District Council.
077aInterviewLife as a PostmanGordon Bennett31/03/1989Horace DilleyBiggleswade postman30Side A & B over-recorded with Eric Lund. Some of Gordon remains on the end two thirds of Side A, the second side has been over-recorded with Eric Lund.
077bInterviewScout MovementEric Lund16/06/1989Horace DilleyBiggleswade scouter63Starts on Side B and continues on Side A - Very noisy recording due to the poop microphone position
78InterviewLife in Biggleswade Part 1Leslie 'Tec' Chambers18/09/1985Horace DilleyA man for Biggleswade48Tec starts recording the long saga of his life in Biggleswade with the first taped interview made by the History Society
79InterviewLife in Biggleswade Part 2Leslie 'Tec' Chambers09/10/1985Horace DilleyA man for Biggleswade91Part 2 of Tec's story
80InterviewLife in Biggleswade Part 2aLeslie 'Tec' Chambers09/10/1985Horace DilleyA man for Biggleswade36Part 2 continued
81InterviewLife in Biggleswade Part 3Leslie 'Tec' Chambers21/06/1989Horace DilleyA man for Biggleswade86More fascinating tales
82LectureHicks Pits CollegeLeslie 'Tec' Chambers02/09/1994Horace DilleyAn ex pupil of Hicks Pits College46Some facts and personal stories about Hicks Pits College, or Rose Lane School
83InterviewJohn Mitchell in BiggleswadeColin Ward10/10/2003Rex SkinnerEmployee85Colin Ward talks about John Mitchell's company in Victoria Works - there is a problem in that the discussion takes place with drawings so we are at a disadvantage.
84InterviewA Life Story of and Anglican Priest and Some Background of the ChurchCanon John Dominey16/12/1986Horace DilleyBiggleswade Anglican priest and historian66First 10 minutes of recording is blank.
85InterviewAbout Henry Franklin LtdHarold Smith, Rex Skinner, Ken Wilson, Colin Chamberlain25/06/1991Horace DilleyEx Franklin employees9312 seconds of the introduction spoilt. An interesting insight into the workings of a flour mill and its associated trades.
86InterviewAbout Edward Peake Middle SchoolPhilip Haines06/07/2000Horace DilleyPreviously Headmaster of Edward Peake School77Philip was the first head at Edward Peake School and he provides a very interesting insight into the way he and the school operated and grew during his time there.
87InterviewDunton Corner GarageBob & Anne Newman27/02/1998Horace DilleyRetired garage owners83Anne inherited the garage which her father started in 1933 with an associated cafe.
88MusicChristmas Carol ServiceSt Johns Church01/01/1961N/AN/A78Preacher: Brian Porter, Organist: Alf Leicester, Lessons Maurice Smith. The recording is a little noisy.
89InterviewMarket GardeningFred Ball04/12/1992Horace DilleyMarket Gardener (retired)90A life in market gardening
90MusicClosing ServiceSt Johns Church1975N/AN/A67Preacher: John Dominey, Sermon: Rev Chambers, Prayers: Brian Porter, Lesson: Maurice Smith, Organist: Alf Leicester
91RadioSongs of PraiseBiggleswade29/05/1977BBCN/A22A poor recording of the multi-denominational service held at St Andrews church.
92InterviewRed Cross, Darby & Joan, NSPCC & Civil DefenceJoan Smith24/05/1991Horace DilleyFrom Harpenden to Biggleswade80A lady who came to Biggleswade married to Brian Porter and did an enormous amount of good for the town
93InterviewA Life in DuntonKen Lee26/01/1999Horace DilleyA Dunton man of 7 generations of LEE91An enjoyable tape of recollections and personal history from a man of Dunton.
94InterviewA life in BiggleswadeEva May Norman11/12/1998Horace DilleyBorn and bred in Biggleswade94Recollections of an 85 year-old born at 44 Rose Lane in 1913.
95InterviewAn Edwardian Story - Harold's Life StoryAbel Harold Smith16/06/2000Horace DilleyA man of Biggleswade47Born 5th March 1900
096AInterviewA Biggleswade life storyGertrude Ivy Gascoine10/04/1992Horace DilleyA Biggleswade lady47Reminiscences. John Chew is on side B but this is Part 2 so it looks as if the recording of Gertrude were made over John Chew
096BInterviewTales from a Biggleswade traderJohn Chew02/12/1991Horace DilleyBiggleswade trader45Side B - Only the second part of a valuable reminiscence about Biggleswade traders.
97InterviewBiggleswade Sea CadetsJohn Samways and Desmond Ball15/04/2005Horace DilleySeafaring guys70Naval stories
98InterviewLife of a ShowmanCharlie Smith28/07/1986Horace DilleyShowman with a life in the fair74Born 1902 in Cambridgeshire, he was born in a shooting gallery caravan and spent all his life with the fair.
99InterviewThe Baptist Church in BiggleswadeMonica Haddow & Mary Vardon29/04/2005Horace DilleyBiggleswade ladies76Poor quality, low level and echoing in the church in London Road, lots of background noises.Engineered to enhance and remove the worst of the noises.
100InterviewStratton Upper School & Community CentreGerry Lawrence08/04/2005Horace DilleyEx teacher93Stratton School's history and Gerry Lawrence as a teacher
101NilClosing part of interview onlyFG Simms02/12/1988Horace Dilley2Tape 1 is missing and tape 2 only contains the final couple of minutes of the interview
102NilHistory of LangfordRalf TurnerSide A over-recorded by a radio programme and Side B contains some 1920s music only
103InterviewA life in BiggleswadeFreddie Cooper21/06/2004Horace DilleyBiggleswade man & boy46Born 1933 Rose Lane and Church Street schools, Empire & Regal cinemas, Rowlett & Fiddler flowers, market gardening.
104InterviewLife Story - Part 1Rev Allan Bliss12/08/2005Horace DilleyAnglican Priest62The Rev Allan Bliss and the Anglican Church
105InterviewLife Story - Part 2Rev Allan Bliss23/09/2005Horace DilleyAnglican Priest93The Rev Allan Bliss and the Anglican Church
106InterviewA Life In FarmingJohn Scott02/09/2005Horace DilleyFarmer & Educating Principal93From a Cumberland dairy farming family in the 1930s with 300 acres to Bedfordshire as the Principle of Shuttleworth College and Farm Director in 1968 until 2000. Now working with students to investigate alternative uses for land and in local government.
107ALectureThe Old TimesHorace Dilley04/10/2005Horizon Club TalkA Biggleswade gentleman58A nostalgic journey back into time from a gentleman born in 1916
107BMonologueMemoriesHorace Dilley08/10/2005ReadingA Biggleswade gentleman14More nostalgic journies and memories
108InterviewLife and Times of Rex SkinnerRex George Charles Skinner07/10/2005Horace DilleyA Sandy ManBorn 1935; 70 on December 9th in West Road Sandy.
109InterviewCT Bett & Sons - Plumbing to DIYRoy & Norman Bett21/10/2005Horace DilleyA Biggleswade Business60Started in 1905 by their granddad Frank Bett from Louth in Lincolnshire at 17-21 Hitchin Street. The business was run 1920-1955 by their father.
110InterviewA story about working with farm equipment and making wooden modelsBill Rough15/08/1990Rex SkinnerFarmworker82From Colmworth and later Wyboston, now 83
111InterviewA story about thatchingBill Stableton19/06/1982Rex SkinnerThatcher80From this first tape by Rex we now have over 100 recordings of various types, Highroad Wyboston, a 74-year old.
112RadioWeatherley Centre - post Launch Of Biggleswade Vol 3Various1989 OctPam RhodesBiggleswade People30Norman Gill, Rex Skinner, Horace Dilley, Gwen Williams, Sylvia Flint, Peter Thompson, Beryl Wilson, Pamela Osborn, Elizabeth Bell & Charlie Cook
113InterviewChildhood to CannonRevd. Cannon Robert F. Sibson03/03/2000Horace DilleyVicar of Biggleswade76His life and times from childhood through being a teacher to the priesthood.
114InterviewLifePhilip Rutt18/11/2005Horace DilleyBiggleswade man72Interesting story
115InterviewFamily and life storyRichard Oliver Bennett11/11/2005Horace DilleyBiggleswade family82Bakers, butchers, grazier, to RAF fighter controller, water board and his public life - council and land drainage board.
116InterviewBiggleswade Laundry, Potton RoadStuart and Graham Williams (and Rex Skinner!)25/11/2005Horace DilleyLaundry family90Established 1929, previously a wireless factory and Mr Gee's laundry before selling to Stuart's grandfather for his father George. Gee was the same family of the seedsman.
117InterviewPorter - About Father and Son - Part 1 of 2Alan Porter28/10/2005Horace DilleySurveyor & Auctioneer92Established Biggleswade people since 1930's
118InterviewPorter - About Father and Son - Part 2 of 2Alan Porter25/01/2006Horace DilleySurveyor & Auctioneer93Established Biggleswade people since 1930's
119InterviewLife with Farm AnimalsEdgar Dorren27/01/2006Horace Dilley & Rex SkinnerMan of the land70Life with farm animals especially with horses and ploughing.
120InterviewIn the Conservative ClubPeter Frank Vickers18/02/2006Horace DilleyConservative and Councillor67Born and bred in Biggleswade (now 59); worked in the town all his life, involved as a Town Councillor since 1979 and District Councillor since 1982; Biggleswade and District Constitutional Club was formed in 1905 and became the Conservative Club for about 25 years; staunch Arsenal Supporter.
121InterviewA Rural Life in Holme GreenLeslie Charles King10/03/2006Horace DilleyBiggleswade family84Born at Scroupts Farm, served in the RAF, worked as motor engineer in Langford garage on return, chnaged to building for more money so he could marry Betty Pates, then carpet laying with Dodimeads, set up with Ron Bowls as King & Bowls.
122InterviewAn Engineer's Life in BiggleswadeHugh Elyston Bygraves24/03/2006Horace DilleyBiggleswade family88Parents ran the Sun Hotel; worked for Weatherly Oil Gear.
123InterviewAn Agricultural Labourer & Market GardenerJim Bygraves07/04/2006Horace DilleyNorthill family6092 years old, tales from the past
124InterviewA motor engineerJack Walters12/05/2006Horace DilleyWatkin employee77Born in Surrey and lived in Kent. Moved to Biggleswade in 1942, his father ran the Empire and Regal cinemas in Biggleswade. Worked for Watkin motor engineers from 1954 when he left school.
125InterviewA town retail fancy goods shop traderGeoff Denny06/10/2006Horace DilleyBiggleswade business family60Ran Larkinson's fancy goods store (previously Chew's) until closure in 1985. His grandfather ran the scrap metal business and the store in Hitchin St. His father was a tailor. Apprenticed at Bentalls, Kingston until 1953.
126InterviewFive generations of traders in BiggleswadeBob Holmes13/10/2006Horace DilleyBiggleswade trading family76Bob's great grandfather started on the site of Woolworths and the family businesses remained there for almost 90 years before moving to the High Street with a men's outfitter.
127InterviewHorace Gale - Trader and Public and Christian Servant of Biggleswade - Part 1Philip John and Roger Clive Gale10/03/2007Horace DilleyBiggleswade traders91Horace Gale - From a feeling in inferiority and unliked to a much respected Biggleswade trader and Baptist Church, Town Council and Chamber of Trade stalwart, optimist and townsman.
128AInterviewButcher Family of BiggleswadeGordon Butcher15/09/2006Horace DilleyBiggleswade Citizen72About Arthur Butcher - market gardener, farmer, sportsman and Town Councillor and his son Gordon Butcher who continued in farming.
128 BInterviewFarmer and Market GardenerGordon Butcher03/11/2006Horace DilleyBiggleswade farmers73More about the life and times of Gordon and Velma Butcher in Biggleswade.
129InterviewHorace Gale - Part 2Philip John and Roger Clive Gale11/05/2007Horace DilleyBiggleswade Citizen84Horace Gale - From his memoirs
130InterviewMotor Trader - Jack Bygraves LtdJohn Richard Downing Bygraves and wife Lyndsey19/02/2009Horace DilleyBiggleswade Trader69John and Lyndsey tell their stories from the motor trader's perspective and four generations of bakers.
131InterviewEngineer and ScouterEric James Lund26/02/2009Horace DilleyBiggleswade Resident70Eric tells his story
132InterviewMarket GardeningKeith Cecil Beck and Terrence William Beck03/03/2009Horace DilleyBiggleswade Gardeners72The "Beck Twins" aged 75 tell their story of a life in market gardening.
133TalkBiggleswade ArchaeologyDrew Shotliff03/03/2009Society MeetingAlbion Archaeology65Under the soil of Biggleswade - prehistoric to Saxon times
134InterviewMemories of Mike Scott-CoomberEileen Scott-Coomber01/09/2009Horace DilleyA Biggleswade Treasure of 41 years56A Biggleswade Character

Total recording time (hours): 147.28