Dan Albone

Commemorative Church Service
St Andrew’s Parish Church

Was held on 29th October 2006 and was well attended by
People from Biggleswade, those with a cycling connection
and distant relatives.

We remembered the great innovator and townsman of
Biggleswade who died 100 years ago 30th October 1906 

The service included Dan’s favourite hymn, images of his life and readings of
 accolades that were bestowed upon him, both during and after his untimely demise.

His life may have been short but Dan truly was a “Thorough Good Fellow”.
His inventiveness and bicycle engineering were considered to be extraordinary but his development of the first petrol-driven agricultural machine amazed all who saw it and it was a prize-winner at agricultural shows.

Dan was always genial with his cycling friends, all of the
townsfolk and those who had dealings with him. 

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